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We Can Use Your Help!


Please donate any amount to help support our mission of providing financial assistance and other resources to foster parent(s) of children between the ages of newborn through 4 years old. Your donation will have an immediate impact. Requests from foster parents are reviewed and approved within 48 hours of receipt with payments made directly to the foster parent(s). 

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Foster Children under four (4) that we've supported

through our grant program:



Lacey, our newborn foster daughter, came into care with only the clothes she was wearing.  We need the financial assistance to provide her with the adequate equipment needed to support the safety and developmental needs of this child.


Rayya (1 year-old) and Yahni (2 years-old) are siblings. When they arrived they were in need of clothing, shoes, twin beds and educational toys.


We have taken in three (3) siblings...all under the age of four (4). Alexandra arrived with hair lice and we have had to have extensive treatments to remove lice which will include hiring a professional to remove the lice. Jordan and Maria are both susceptible to many viruses and illnesses because of their age. They have both contracted COVID. Jordan also had scabies. In addition, Jordan has outgrown his infant seat and is in need of a new car seat.


Stories of children under four (4) we've helped.

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